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TV309 News: More Local  Social  News  Often 

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Cherry Street Bar & Grill

Cherry Street Bar & Grill Cherry Street Bar & Grill Store / Cherry Street Bar & Grill Appetizers Featured Products Breaded Portobella Mushrooms $8.95 Breaded


The Owls Nest

The Owls Nest The Owls Nest Store / The Owls Nest Salads Appetizers Featured Products Nachos With Taco Meat $9.00 Nachos With Taco Meat Fried

Person Shot While Walking

Peoria gunshot victim showed up at a Peoria hospital a little before 9:30 p.m. Thursday night and has been hospitalized after being shot while walking

Cherry Street Reopen’s
Food And Drink

Cherry Street Reopen’s

Cherry Street Bar & Restaurant is back open and ready to serve up drinks. Growing up in Knox County Cherry Street has been full of

Cindy Medows

NuEra To Open Pot Dispensary in Pekin

NuEra located in East Peoria is expanding its Cannabis Dispensary operations to Pekin. The Pekin City Council approved the adult cannabis retail store in a

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Wake Up Central Illinois

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