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Cherry Street Reopen’s

Cherry Street Reopen’s

Cherry Street Reopen’s 1280 720 admin

Cherry Street Bar & Restaurant is back open and ready to serve up drinks.

Growing up in Knox County Cherry Street has been full of unforgettable nights and I am sure nights that where just as unforgettable but forgotten.  This Galesburg staple has of  Company Christmas Parties, Wedding Receptions,

Great news for the long time staple bar in Galesburg, Cherry Street Restaurant and Bar  is back open starting Thursday, January 28th.

Cherry Street had closed its doors due to the pandemic in late 2020.

It will likely take two to three weeks for the restaurant to have its kitchen operational, so it will be operating primarily as a bar for the time being.

Owners Stan and Lou Devlin regained control of the bar after it closed in October. They had planned an opening around the Thanksgiving holiday, but when more COVID restrictions were levied upon the state following a spike in cases, they made other plans.

Months later, they are finally ready to open, although due to COVID restrictions it will be at a reduced capacity. A small menu will follow in a few weeks

Traditional weekend specials like steaks and other dinners will return later, but for now they plan to focus on sandwiches, salads and appetizers.

For the bar, a veteran of the community that has weathered multiple closures over the decades that it has existed, this return could be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel after a very difficult year.