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TV Advertising in the United States has many more options than any time in the history of TV Advertising. With Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Streaming TV and now Over The Top TV options it can be a very difficult to decide how and when to use a specific platform for your TV advertising needs. That’s where NMS can help. With instant access to the rates of most TV Stations, Cable Systems, Satellite Systems and all major over the top streaming Platforms, NMS can help you plan, launce and track your National, Regional or Local TV advertising media plans.

Standard Package:

Free Till February 2021, Then Just $99.95 per wk. for 2 years

– Video Ad On TV309 The Local

– 25 Products In TV309 Shop Local

– Custom Channel For Your Business

– Weekly Event On Whats Going Down

– Quarterly Live Broadcast

Whats Going Down

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